Welcome everyone

Are you ready to start?

Follow my lead and sing the name of your baby / your name when I'm leaving the space for it during the song:

I sing "Hello music, hello Tiziana, hello..., hello ..."


BABIES AND TODDLERS: hold your child on your lap and move your legs gently to the beat of the song. alternatively, you can swing your body from right to left. Move your whole body in a way that your child will feel your rhythm and and movements. Moving their little legs or hands doesn't actually help them to develop their sense of rhythms: it actually comes from making bigger movements.

OLDER CHILDREN: leave your child free to react to the music in the way they prefer. Some of them will probably start jumping and singing, some others will dance and some of them will stare at the screen without moving. We welcome every response because we all learn in different ways :)


I'm using a ukulele. Go to section "Instruments and objects used during the sessions" to discover where you can buy online and try these activities with you child.