What is First steps around the world?

Hello and welcome to First steps around the world!

By combining music and language, in a fun and interactive way, this course will not only expose your child to many different languages but their learning will also be supported by the power of music!

Children acquire languages when they understand messages easily, they also learn faster when they’re having fun!

All our videos are fun, educational and interactive and the teachers will provide you with different gestures, signs, images and drawings to help you understand the songs, making it very accessible and loads of fun!

Let's play!


Here is a step-by-step guide to getting the most out of your subscription.

1) Discover our playlist on Spotify, listening to music in many different styles and languages is really important for the development of the child's brain. If children are exposed to complex and rich music, their auditory system will learn how to discriminate sounds much better.

2) Find the world map and download it to start our journey together.

3) Meet the teachers in their presentation videos. They will teach you new words in their own language and you will discover a bit more about their countries and style.

4) Find 5 new videos every week

  • "Welcome song" in English and in the teacher's language.
  • 3 new songs in 3 different languages
  • "Goodbye song"

5) Download the lyrics and the artwork to familiarise with the meaning of the songs.


If you enjoy the videos of a certain teacher, or would like to focus on one particular language you can book any of our teachers for private sessions, either one-to-one or group classes. You can find more info at [email protected]

We hope you will enjoy the course!

If you have any questions or any feedback, please get in contact at [email protected]

Tiziana and Sam

Music Tree

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