Simama kaa

Simama kaa is a classic of the musical education repertoire!

Why? Well, because the melody is really catchy, repetitive and simple to learn. Children love it!

It's a song in Swahili. Here's the meaning.


  1. Simama – stand up
  2. Kaa – sit down
  3. Ruka – jump!
  4. Tembea walk
  5. Kimbia run

Simama kaa, Simama kaa

Ruka, ruka, ruka, simama kaa.

Tembea kimbia

Tembea kimbia

Ruka, ruka, ruka, simama kaa


BABIES AND TODDLERS: Simply sing the song for them using the body percussion that I show you in the video. The song is really rich in sounds and syllables and your child will love to hear a new language.

OLDER CHILDREN: Create a circle with your child/children. Once you've learnt the meaning of the lyrics, try to make the correct movements when you're singing. Start slow and then get faster and faster! Whoever gets lost will receive lots of tickles! :)