This is our first rhythmic song together and it contains lots of complex musical elements, even if it sounds quite simple (the magic of Pam Pam!)

It's in 4/4 tempo.


BABIES AND TODDLERS: In this video, I'm keeping the rhythm with simple body movements and then I change it into a more complicated accompaniment, using a fork and spoon. Try to follow both rhythms. It might be a bit challenging in the beginning but by doing this, your child is going to be surrounded by more interesting rhythmical context.

When I sing rhythmic patterns, try to repeat them and sing them for your child. In this way, you will create a musical dialogue with them. Leave them the time to answer: they might stare into your eyes, make a little smile or even try to vocalise! Any of these responses are great!

If you don't have colourful scarves like the ones that I'm using in the video, get creative and use some of your normal scarves or perhaps some ties: your child will love them anyway because for them anything is a source of learning!

OLDER CHILDREN: Why don't you find something in your house that makes a bang or a clang? Let's see what you child might do with this when you play the video back! You could also find some nice and colourful scarves to throw in the air, whilst the pieces of music that I sing for you and your child (they are called rhythmical patterns) or perhaps create your own?


I'm using a wooden fork and spoon plus colourful scarves. Go to section "Instruments and objects used during the session" to discover where you can buy them online and try the activities with you child.