How to use this course

Welcome to Music Tree online school.

Our connection with music starts before we're born and continues throughout our entire lives. Children learn music by listening, moving, improvising and dancing.

This course is designed with this in mind and with the help of you, the parent/carer, we can together create a special musical experience for your child.

You can choose between the series of longer videos (5 videos connected) or choose between shorter videos. If you decide to go for this second option, perhaps you would like to follow this tips to support your child's musical development, their attention, their creativity and imagination.


  • start with a Welcome song,
  • continue with a rhythmic song
  • continue with a melodic songs
  • a song with a story
  • finish with a Goodbye song

1) Read the Suggestions written for each video. They will help you to enjoy the songs and the activities with your child.

3) Use your biggest screen available to make this experience as immersive as possible.

4) Try to create a space around the screen for your child to move and dance. Add some cushions and move your breakables to a safe distance :)

5) Get creative with what you have in the house to accompany the videos. In this lesson, for example, I will sing a song playing a fork and spoon. You could also use coloured scarves, hats and any instruments you might have in your house; you can easily make a shaker with a container and some rice. Just make sure the lid in on tight! :)

6) Get involve yourself! If you sing and dance with your child the experience will be much more engaging for them and you might even enjoy it yourself!