Here at MUSIC TREE, we believe that learning and playing music is not only important in developing musical ability, but it is also integral to the personal and social development irrespective of age. Music has been proven to improve social interaction, confidence, fine motor skills, concentration, problem-solving and as a therapy to help aid specific conditions. Most of all it is fun!

In MUSIC TREE's online school you can find courses for children, families and teachers.

Online courses that helps you to support your child's musical development with original songs and creative ideas. What make these courses different is that they go deeper in your child's understanding of music. You will bring music to your family and it will become a special and fun way to bond with your child.

Music Tree is also a training centre for music teachers, educators and teachers. With different programs and projects, we can support your professional development in early year music, body percussion, circle singing and music for children with special needs. Tiziana Pozzo, one of our co-founders, has created different training projects for new teachers.

Customised sessions and online courses coming from more than 15 years of experience in music education: training paths accessible to anyone who wants to understand the musical learning processes of children and acquire a solid basis for the practical application of musical theories and pedagogies, also for children with special needs.