Mary Poppins is an amazing character and as a child I fell in love with the film and was always incredibly curious about what else she had in her bag. What else would we discover? It was always everything you ever wanted and right when you need it the most. 

My customised mentoring is designed for you to pull exciting, challenging and engaging ideas out of your bag in anyplace and at anytime! We’ll focus on your specific needs, styles and goals creating an individualised plan that you can apply in all your teaching settings.

Let’s pack your bag together!

Over the years I have developed and collected a metaphorical bag full of music games and ideas designed to spark creativity and imagination for my students and I want to share them with you whilst helping develop your own.

As teachers we know that our work constantly tests us, we have to navigate complex situations whilst staying up-to-date on the latest educational research. It can be overwhelming!

If you are reading this page you may well be looking for some help or guidance, searching for something new or perhaps you want to deepen your knowledge and understanding as a teacher. 

Well, making this observation is already a fantastic start! My customised mentoring options are designed to suit everybody no matter if you are a new teacher looking for ideas or an experienced educator dealing with specific niche problems 

Before your session...

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You are looking for support to achieve your goals as a music teacher or music therapist.

You’re searching for help dealing with difficult moments in your class.

You’re interested in seeking new solutions to work with troublesome and problematic students.

You’re not alone, I have been there before and it doesn’t have to be like this!

Being a music teacher is a wonderful job and what we do is really important! It’s time to focus and get ready to introduce a change in your everyday teaching life.

What can you find inside my Mary Poppins’ bag?

I will provide you with theoretical and practical solutions you can apply in your classes, sharing new activities and music games with you as well as designing a personalised plan based on your ideas and driven by your passion.

All Mary Poppins’ bag options include:
  • Support in case of difficulties, challenges and doubts that may arise working in education and therapy;
  • Preparation of intervention plans in case of one-to-one or group music sessions in nurseries, primary and secondary schools;
  • Preparation of intervention plans of one-to-one or group music therapy sessions with children and adolescent (specifically in case of Autism and Deafness);
  • Personalised activities involving music, movement, body music, improvisation, use of instruments and new technologies;
  • Supervision through videos;
  • Audio and video resources.

Don't hesitate any longer. Get in contact and let's find the plan for you.