12th December 2020 at 2.00 pm UK time

To understand tricky situations in your daily life, in education and with your children

What do you know about conflict? 

Conflict may be defined as an incompatibility between aims or desires held by at least two people within a social system.

What happens when it comes to think about the conflict from a psychological perspective?

Lots of theories developed during these times say that psychological conflict refers to a situation in which a person is motivated to engage in two or more mutually exclusive or incompatible activities. 

But it's not all! 

In this webinar I will describe you the differences between one type of conflict and another, under a psychological point of view. We will see together why we react in certain ways when we find ourselves in difficult situations and how to adopt strategies and methods do to get out of them (or at least how to try our best to do it).

I'm a psychologist with a strong passion for reading and writing. I studied to become a journalist and free-lance writer and in 2013, I took my exam to become a professional journalist.

In addition to my academic and professional work as a therapist for children with special needs, I co-run an online project that connects books and psychology.

In my webinar I will extend the concept of “conflict” to the children environment. I will give you tips and strategies that you can apply during your sessions to encourage your students (or your children) to solve difficult situations.

Sometimes it can be difficult to make sense of some feelings and thoughts that our happening in our minds and bodies, especially if we do not have any other experiences to compare them to: this is what happens to almost every child!


Ever since I was a child, books are part of my life. 

Bibliotherapy aims to bridge this gap by using literature to help you and your kids to improve your life by providing information, support, and guidance in the form of reading activities via books and stories.

And do not worry, if you don’t know where to start from… this is the reason why I am here! 


- 2 hours of course (recorded and available at any time)

- Ebook with activities description

- Certificate of participation

Can't attend the webinar on 12th of December 2020? Don't worry!

You can watch the webinar whenever you want, even at night if your neighbours don't complain! From Monday 14th December 2020 you will find it available right here on Music Tree online school on Teachable.


- each webinar costs £33

- you can access the whole package (4 webinars) for only £107 instead of £132 HERE or below:

1. conflicts in psychology

2. Body music strategies and activities

3-4.Non-Violent Communication to deal with conflicts and group needs

All webinars will be recorded and will be available on Music Tree online school on Teachable.

You will also receive short EBOOKs where you can continue to study and review the most important steps of the activities and topics that we will learn together.

With these webinars you will enrich your knowledge with ideas, strategies and suggestions to better manage the conflicts and difficult situations that can arise during the facilitation of groups. You will be able to experience new music and movement activities for children, teens and adults to foster communication and inclusion.


All webinars will be at 2.00pm UK time

12th December 2020 - Flavia Capoano: The conflict in psychology, to understand how to manage complex situations in your daily life, at school and with your children.

09th January 2021 - Tiziana Pozzo: body music strategies and activities to foster communication, cooperation and inclusion.

30th January 2021 - Pedro Consorte: Non-Violent Communication to deal with conflicts and group needs

27th February 2021 - Pedro Consorte: Circle Music - to connect through music (it is necessary to attend Pedro's first webinar to participate to the second).

Still have doubts? I'll try to answer you below otherwise you can write me at [email protected]:

I cannot attend the webinar on its planned day. Can I access it later?

Yes, you can watch the webinar whenever you want, even at night if your neighbours don't complain :) My course does not include live interactions so you can subscribe and you will find it available from Monday 11th January right here on Teachable.

I'm not a music teacher, is this course suitable for me too?

Of course! We all have body music in our blood! Furthermore, to use it to lead groups we don't have to reach extraordinary technical levels but rather be able to understand all the steps to build an activity that works and entertains our students. And you already know how to do it very well, right?

I would like to use body music with all the groups I work with, from childhood to adults. Will I find suggestions and ideas in this course to do it?

Oh yes! This is just the right course! I have been working for years with all age groups and I have discovered some tricks to use my activities with all of them, without wasting too much time and energy replanning.

I have never attended an online course and I am a little anxious about having to understand all the technical things of the internet.

I understand, I was anxious too at the beginning. Don't worry, my online school here on the Teachable is really simple and intuitive. In addition, you will always find me via email for any clarification or doubt.

I don't feel very musical but I don't want to take this possibility away from my students. Can I participate?

Yes, sure! The activities are designed according to the step-by-step approach, which is the same that I adopt during lessons with children. I have taught body music to a lot of people, of different ages and backgrounds, so I will slowly accompany you to discover your musicality and coordination.

I am already a professional in body music, what will I learn in this course?

Well, to start you will take a leap into my personal approach to body percussion, which I imagine is different from yours. I developed it working with people from many different countries and backgrounds, working also with children and people with special needs. I mixed it with improv theatre, Gordon's Music Learning Theory, Soundpainting and my educational research carried out with University College London. I will help you find the theoretical foundations of the activities and I will teach you songs from different parts of the world, with original exercises and activities experienced over the years.